Shane Pak
Silver GP Shane
General Information
Gender Female
Birthday May 5
Age 23
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Hometown Jackpot, Nevada
Eliminated From The Glee Project
Episode N/A
Place N/A
Previous N/A
Next N/A
Out of character
Owner Raybelle
Celebrity Portrayer Angela Rockwood

Shane Pak is a contender on season three of The Glee Project.


Fun and loud, Shane likes to flirt and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's very patient with people about her wheelchair, but that's about it-- if you start being stupid or stubborn about anything else, she will definitely call you on it. She might be edited as the bitch (like Aylin, Lily, or Lindsay) since she's ambitious and knows what she wants, even though she does have her sweet moments. She also really loves to dance.


Shane was born in Jackpot, Nevada, and grew up surrounded by a Latino population, introducing her to hip hop and attitude early on in life. When she was five, she started taking ballroom lessons, and by seven was competing nationally. Her parents moved her and her younger sister to Henderson when she was eleven so she could train in the studios of Las Vegas, and she also took voice and acting lessons so she could be the ultimate triple-threat. By fifteen, she was in a top dance studio and had some hip hop back-up dancing experience on her resume. However, three weeks before her sixteenth birthday, she suffered an arteriovenous malformation, which ruptured her spinal cord and rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. Her parents pulled her out of school for the rest of her sophomore and all of her junior year of high school, home-schooled her as she went through rigorous physical therapy and counseling. She got through the worst of her grief through singing, and decided to pursue it as a career. Shane made it back to high school to graduate with her class, and went into a musical arts program at UCLA, also being introduced to wheelchair dancing in an Adaptive Sports Camp in San Diego. She realized she wanted to keep dancing more than anything, and pursued it fearlessly. She had a bit part in "Musical Chairs", a movie about wheelchair-bound ballroom dancers, and from there realized she was still who she was before. When she saw Ali on the Glee Project, she realized they were trying to cast a blonde in her spot as the alpha wheelie bitch, and set out to audition to take her rightful place on Glee


  • She's had training in ballroom, ballet, tap, and hip hop, so she is really good with improvising choreography for her chair
  • Shane's favorite food is sushi, and she loves Spicy Tuna Rolls
  • Her favorite Glee character is Santana
  • Her favorite TGP Season 1 contenders were Emily and Lindsay
  • Her favorite TGP Season 2 contenders were Abraham and Lily
  • She totally thought Ali should have won The Glee Project instead of Blake


Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Shane IN

 IN   The contender was not at risk of elimination.
 WIN  The contender won the homework assignment and was first on the callback list.
 WIN  The contender won the homework assignment but was cited as needing improvement.
 LOW  The contender was cited as needing improvement but was not at risk of elimination.
 RISK  The contender had to do a Last Chance Performance and was at risk of being eliminated.
 OUT  The contender was eliminated.